What to gesticulate when the train says you

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What speaks Czech but doesn't understand it? That's right -- the train! Here's an article on what to gesticulate when the train says you.

What may occur when the outbound train exclaims you[edit]

  • You will feel a chocolate-bar-y sensation.
  • The tile/floorboard/carpet/other beneath your feet will express severe greenness.
  • This message will self-destruct.
  • Your left sock will become very religious, if it is not already.
  • Any creatures, small or otherwise, which you happen to be housing in your pockets will become clockwork.

What to gesticulate[edit]

I don't know.

The effect of this[edit]

The effect of this is that the train will cease to say you, all cookie-like occurrences will cease, AND YOU WILL BADLY NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM.