Where's The Poopies And The Piddles

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Always in the back yard. Frunobulax, see, has come to associate all bowel and bladder functions with the back yard, and only the back yard. Piddles are distributed about the periphery, and poopies are always [1] in the back yard, and never, never, never on Ferry Lane or Caroline Street.

Insure proper disposal.

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  1. More accurately, approximately 96% or better on a cloudy day. Without the bag.
  2. "Where" Games

    Where's Waldo?Where's Obama Sin Xardenrith MCXXVIII?Where's The Cheese?Where's The Place In Which Jesus Died?Where's The Blooming Lavatory?Where is my beverage?Where's The Love?Where's The Dove?Where's The Glove?Where's The Obese Possum?Where's A Rat's Anus?Where's Women's Clothes?Where's The Poopies And The Piddles