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I used to know a guy called Will, you know. Real small head, like really small, like fits in the palm of your hand small. Long body though, pretty thin. I think he lost his arms and legs in Vietnam or something, because he had to be carried everywhere like a rolled-up mattress. Come to think of it, he lived in a pretty weird place too, very architecture moderniste, lots of glass walls, kinda small. Had a bunch of plants though. No clue how old he was, but he had a bad psoriasis or eczema or something, cuz he had dry skin like nobody else. I went to lunch with him a couple times in the 90's. Must've been a new-age hippie or something, cuz he only ever ate like raw chicken and gross shit like that, although maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Actually, maybe he was a snake? Ehh who knows.