Wtf ur wierd m8

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no srsli u r wierd m8 stop doin that its freakin us all out wtf r u tryin to acomplish with that srsli dood wtf stop bein wierd cos ben is startin to freak out bad m8 so stop dood ben is like panicin cos he think u r a mental head m8 so dont embaras urself m8 pls stop now i think karl wants to call teh hospital m8 so stop srsli dood wtf m8 u r actin wai 2 mental head for ben n karl to handel so pls stop b4 karl calls teh fuckin police m8 srsli dood he will ok now wtf r u doin that is just crazy m8 stop makin a fool out of urself OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN YOU JUST FUCKING STOP MATE PLEASE BEN IS PANICKING AND KARL HAS CALLED THE BLOODY POLICE!!!!!!!

Oh wait, so we ARE allowed to use excrete in the loo? Silly me.