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Xenthyro, creator of Music, first revealed himself to humans in the form of the Ultimate Warrior, and promptly won the WWF Title from Hulk Hogan in his first match after possession. He also wrote the song U Can't Touch This and used it to possess little babies into puking on their mothers and fathers.

Life of Xenthyro[edit]

Born in approximately 3214 B.C., Xenthyro unlocked the secret to eternal existence at a young age, before he first set foot into preschool. Understanding that his only path to happiness involved taking over the entire universe, he constructed a fleet of chemical phosphorous goblins and immediately made them build spaceships to the tune of "Build Me Up Buttercup," the first song ever created following his invention of music. Seeing Earth as a viable threat come approximately 3000 B.C., he quickly set out to send them music, forcing the human beings who inhabited the planet to dance endlessly and quickly halt any galaxy-conquering operations they had underway.