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Years later you still masturbating remembering those frantic movements that she and you used to made. What a narrow way of life. Say it, say what it is all this for. But masturbation can lead you to a lame state called "penis numbness and neurochemistry fucked up with serious invisible illness" Individuals under that curse use verbs as shrinking and eat gonorrhea as a breakfast on a daily basis. Believe me or not, masturbation is bad. Go BANANAS! I enfatize in the powerness of the capital letter, but only with those sacred fruits! Yeah,


all this misery created and later destroyed by the Father Sun. So, I really enjoyed with Noodle Boy, one of my masters. And electric chihuahas, but that is another story, which include a brunette girl called Florencia that wanked my cock-a dodle-dee-doo and later I had to wash her hands yearningly with my own hosepipe. Oh and also most of my low abdomen, because of all that genetic waste. Today at 4:30 PM I have an university "barbecue" and that means a lot of BEER I hope, because MY GOD I WANNA GET FUCKING DRUNK.