Yellow China

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1.36 million years ago, a dog mated with a human, producing a Chinese development.

Localised flooding ensued and caused the Mcdynasty's downfall. Yellow bulldozers. A number of years had past and the inhabitants picked up daily life. Twigs holding it together began to crawl like fry leaves.

Fed by the expanding trees, they dined on all matter of things. A number of plates and gentrified salamanders. Yokes of wind fed their hair. Even the lady who reached 136 years of age, left with her hand in sacks. But then it changed.

A man left for work on his bike and found his head had turned into a bronzed millipede. Upon noticing, he tried to punch the wheels but the bike got bogged in noodles and custard.


What lead to such a sticky Yellow China? A state of mashed Autumn. The upside was that lead pipes sold by the dozen.

Plastic movements of piled ephemera.

1.35 million years had passed and one wobbly, wibbly thing resided, hanging onto life. Curled up in a festal lobe and singing a tune.