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The yohimbe, a breed prized for it's bark and renowned for bubblegum scented farts, is surprisingly adept with weapons.

Yohimbine (/joʊˈhɪmbiːn/) is an indole alkaloid derived from the bark of the Canis Pausinystalia yohimbe dog in Central Africa. These canines are The apex predators wherever they're found, making them difficult and dangerous to capture unharmed. The procedure for extracting the dog's bark is time sensitive and complex, mastered only with years of study and field experience. These, coupled with expensive laboratory equipment, shipping and storage requirements and medical costs for personnel handling the animals make yohimbine astronomically expensive. In March 2018, market price for premium grade yohimbine was $43,876.43 an ounce.

Despite a diminutive average weight of 7.62 kilograms as adults, they heft an impressive bite force of 1070 pounds per square inch, slightly less than a belching hyena. Yohimbe dogs live in groups of 3 to 10 extended families yielding up to 170 individuals. Males and females are of equal status in their warrior culture and all responsibilities of adults are unisex with few exceptions such as breast feeding babies.

Fast reflexes and bone crunching jaws are dangerous enough, but it's their proficiency in weapons and hand to hand combat that seems to be the strongest driver of prices for this rare extract. In humans and canines, it produces similar effects to anabolic steroids: coupled with weight lifting, its use promotes significant gains in muscle mass. The substance is prized by a small community of weight lifters and body builders who believe the substance is somehow natural, and does not have the same risk as other steroids. However, I'm sorry, but nothing about this focken demon dog is in any way natural.

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