ZickescheißeHomöopathiekurenfarben GmbH

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ZickescheißeHomöopathiekurenfarben GmbH was started in a service station in Stuttgart by Roberto Palmer D. C. in 1928. He began business as a self defense studio specializing in bicycle aikido.

Net fouler and chiropractor Roberto Palmer started a two man operation after a night of heavy opium use in 1928, initially hanging a shingle reading "How To Stop Being A Sissy". Begun as a dot com bicycle self defense academy in a grimy three stall mechanics shop, ZickescheißeHomöopathiekurenfarben GmbH was purchased by the Prescott Group in 1997 and tooled for production of homeopathic remedies. The new name of the company translates roughly to "Homeopathic Bullshit Cure Manufacturing Company", and reflected the new mission statement by "pushing the envelope in getting people to buy distilled water at huge prices and calling it medicine, thereby swindling the sick and medical insurance plans".

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