◙ SUCKS!!!

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“It totally is gay.”

~ ○ on on ◙

◙ is GAY! I mean, what is so cool about some stupid thing that is a box? Boxes aren't cool. Especially when they have circle things in them. It is gay! It sucks! It is stupid! What would a stupid symbol like that do anyway? Waste ink and memory, that's all.

◙ = GAY!!!

Look at it. First of all, it's a n****r. It's black! Look at it! The thing is a nigga with hole a circle etched in it. I mean, how fucking cool is that? ◙ MUST DIE!!! It is the stupidest thing on the planet! It's even dumber than Paris Hilton! Now that's sad.

Let's look at other symbols' opinions:

“The symbol is a useless shitface, not to mention a bad character. The guy has been in prison three times.”

~ ♪ on ◙

“Ah, the guy is stupid. He sucks.”

~ ☻ on ◙

“Stupid, stupid, stupid idiot. That is what ◙ is.”

~ a on ◙

Now do you believe me? The guy is up to something. You can tell. Just look at him!

Don't you see the evil look i his eyes? The guy is a vicious shoplifter and dog rapist. That's what it said in his file down at the station! But, uhh... don't ask me how I got there! Hehe...

So let's do something about this deranged symbol. The thing sucks ass, so let's wipe it off of the face of the Earth. It's the ◙ War. That sounds official. That's is how much the thing sucks! We have to destroy it. I'm not the only one. Flub Nugget wants it gone! So do the ducks! DESTROY IT!!!!!

The thing is so bad that I have to fucking censor it now. look--> That is a bad little thing if it needs to be censored. That is why the thing is bad. Never use it! Instead, burn it! Kill anyone who uses it! AAAA! AHAHAHAHHAH! AHAHAHHAHAHHA!

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