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Are you man enough to take on the challenge? Well, are ya?
Dude, what happened to my feathers? Hey! Someone's taken a bite out of my leg.

“Bock. Bock. Borgee?”

Oh, man... Chicken? Ha ha. Chicken?

Yeah. Everything tastes like chicken, except chicken, strangely. Hens, on the other hand, taste more of srgakimbo.

He's a total chicken who's terror-stricken.
Actually, he's not — he's literally a potato.

What do you like? Leg or breast? If you chose the latter then you are a Virgo. True.

No, really...[edit]

Chicken??? Or Chican?

Neither: the correct pronunciation is 'Chicane' or, on rare occasions, 'Sheer corn'.

How can I get a Moben designer?[edit]


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