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Energy is a special form of Ergy.

Chemical composition[edit]

It has the properties of EN and ERGY. Energy is a magical destructive force used since the start of existence. It was created by a group of magicians in order to light somebody on fire, but it did not work, because did not have enough mana points.

Energy can be used to refill mana points, in the form of things called Elixirs, Ethers, Mana Potions and Gatorade.


Energy is available in all stores, and can even be created at home. Just follow these steps. Hit a person. Collect their rage energy and store it in a pan. Convert it into energy points, which can then be used in the in-game store to buy extra outfits, and mana potions so that you can get more energy, convert that into energy points and buy more mana potions. This is called the Cycle of Pathetic-ness.

Energy is better known as the stuff you need to do other stuff.