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Foop is a word that explains the action that is the opposite of poofing. The word foop can also be used to explain all of life's questions, much like 42, except more so. This is because poof can explain nothing, and as foop is the opposite of poof, it must therefore have opposite properties.

But what is it?[edit]

To discover the true meaning of foop, the one that stands alone and is not simply a statement of what it is not, one must first understand what it is to poof. As stated above, poof can explain nothing; how, then, can we explain it?

That is a very good question.

Poof has been described as a method of transportation. How it works is not known; all that is known is that those who go somewhere by poofing suddenly disappear, often in what appears to be a cloud of smoke, and are often not seen again. This raises the question of whether it is indeed a method of transportation, or a method of disappearing.

But what's foop mean? That didn't tell me anything.[edit]

As foop is the opposite of poof, it is most likely a method of reverse transportation, that is, of going from point B to point A: where one usually goes from point A to point B, as with poofing, with fooping, it must be the other way around; one goes back to where one started. One appears suddenly in a cloud of smoke, possibly out of nowhere, as nowhere is the final destination of many who have poofed.

That, however, is only one possibility out of many, as are most things in this world. It is entirely possible that you do not exist, or that I do not exist, or that the sky is yellow...anything is possible. Nothing is ever certain.

That doesn't make any sense![edit]

That is only because you do not yet understand. If you find the patience to truly listen, to truly understand, it will make sense. It is sense. It is pure logic. Just because you do not understand does not mean it is impossible. You are one of many. So am I.

This is CSD G1 so I'm going to delete it.[edit]

You young ones these days. You always want answers right away, and when you do not get them you think there are none. You have no patience to understand. You do not believe. You cannot see beyond yourself and your strange acronyms. There is no hope for this Wikipedia thing of yours, and for your generation, the generation that built it. There is nothing. Everything will turn to grey dust, everything that mattered, and the world as we know it will crumble into shiny glitter. And the shiny glitter will kill us all!