Hairy hair

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A hairy hair is a hair, which has hairs growing from it. Such admirable parasites, they are! Those hairs grow even more hairs, until the original hair looks like a ball of fuzz. But it doesn't stop there! Oh no, the hairs in that fluffy little hairball will emerge, and grow as wildly as they can! Soon we will be engulfed by a jungle of arm hairs (or, if you prefer leg hairs, then so be it). In the long evolutionary run, the hairiest hairs will soonly enough develop intelligence so they could outsmart us humans. We shall never let our guards down, for we are the leaders of this puny little planet! No one will ever overthrow us in a coup, for we are the master race! So we heil, and we heil, right at your hairy face!


Hairy hairs are found deep between your toes: very, very deep between your toes. Their natural enemies are mushrooms, but not just any mushrooms! A very rare specimen of armadillos must throw up on them to release their destructive effect even upon the hairiest of hairs.