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This page goes against all of Illogicopedia's policies. Prepare to be shocked by my wanton rebelliousness.

Asunción is the capital of Paraguay. Hey <insert name here>! You know who sucks the worst? YOUR MOM! But do you also know who sucks the best? ALSO YOUR MOM! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooobies. I wonder if I should write about the mating rituals of the Mansi people... would that be too...? Nah, maybe I'll just... hmm, I dunno... err... Agirjphrwj worhj hwroåkåoh wph4i90 u540i42 oy24+ o42y¨+ ¨42py l0ih pjwrhä lfs'hl ¨pk åjetojsjåse#! FUCK SHIT ASS COCK DICKS!!!!!!!111 Remember to buy this a-maze-ding product over here: Did you also also also know that the creator of this article is the best person in every way and gets all the girls, guys and everything nice that you won't ever get? Let's attack Wikipedia, because Wikipedia is all stupid-pants! We hate Wikipedia! Hate!

I am so evil it hurts.