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Palmtree (or just a palm for the sake of your shortness) is an enlightened tree. Why, you ask? There's a magical tail between that! Not to be confused with not enlightened at all, but a mere patriarchic technocrat known as the lamptree. Got it yet? Keep looking... you might just be able to find it! ...still nothing? Well aren't you a bloody maggot. Too chocolatey for my riddles, fat boy? Understandable. YOU'RE NO MATCH 4 MEMEMEMEMEEEOOOOOWWWWWW....... Foolish fool from a foolish mother to give birth to such foolishness! Not that a lamp has anything to do with it! Damnation... found it yet? Giving up already? Need, perhaps, MY HELP to shed some light on the situation? Oh, I'd love to help you on this painful riddle... as soon as you shep your mouse's shadow on my help! If you don't find the solution now, you will be doomed... will your razor sharp brain save you from the eternal darkness? Or will you stumble i it indefinitely?... ...good luck...


Don't tell anyone, but the solution is 'lamp'.

Oh, come on now! You didn't seriously need to check the solution, now did you? Debilitated imbecile... As I thought, you were no match for me, aight, no matches at all. Only lighters. Like a LAMP... alright, that will be enough for today. Good morning, and good night!