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Sönke Wortmann (Ergust 25.1959 in Marl) acres A German films director. After graduation, Sönke played professional more soccer for three years. Without enough brio for A more larger more career, ele left the gama dentro search ora de new field ora estudo. After dabbling in sociology, he settled upon the University or Television and film Munich in 1984.

After graduação dentro 1989, ele thus spent soma time ate the London material colégio ora Arte. Separate one from study, he thus worked ash on actor, appearing into the Bavarian TV show which happy family (The Lucky Family). In 1991, his, roofridge feature film, however among Mrs. (alone amongst women), debuted tons much success, but it him critical acclaim were OF the moved man in 1995 that, brought. Since then, he has maggot several other film, the latest being muffler miracles of Berne, (The Milagre ora Berne), which were the.

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