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“Did you know that there's a banana in the top left corner”

~ Patrick Star

SpongeBob is a species of bobby sponge. They are great with jam in 'em.

Where do they live?[edit]

SpongeBobs dwell upon a carpeted ocean floor. They enjoy particularly shaggy carpet, because they can eat bits of it.

So what do they eat?[edit]

SpongeBobs live mostly on a diet of flat, thin magnets. They also like to eat trees, if they can find some. Clouds are also a supplementary dietary supplementdietthingy that SpongeBobs often eat in order to attract squirrels. Spongebob is popular for his homosexual and erotic relationship with Patrick Star.


Yes, squirrels! They are rather ravenous at this time of year, one knows. I should, I got my ankle bitten off by one. Snarf!


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