Tetanus Caesar

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Tetanus Caesar was the poor lad in charge of Romania the day his seizures started. He is one of the few shitlords still alive.

"The only way to lead a country is by the utlilizabfasufaaf kjafsbkfasj kafbkas bkhasfkafsbkh fakbsf khffdsfafds..."

My god, it's starting...

The Iron Guard took not kindly to this! Ceaucescu shall be the eternal leader!


Chaos, Hoax, Ajax, Hoxha, what is the difference? Ceaucescu shall have his throne. For now...

The Iron Guard, known for their excessive use of the hashbrown, had unprotected intercourse with Twitter. This sealed the fate of the Internet in a ragged envelope sent to Timbuktu.

Et tu[edit]