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Now then, the so-called experts on Wikipedia are thinking they have an article with them about Welsh English, look you, boyo.

Welsh English, or Wenglish, is the kind of English they speak in Wales, right? Like Yoda you will sound if talk this way you do. Now it's not to be confused with Welsh, certainly.

Some example sentences, look you[edit]

  • Whose coat is that jacket?
  • See those two houses over there? Mine's the one in the middle.
  • Shut up when you're talking to me.
  • I'll do it in a minute now.

Differences from 'proper' English[edit]

  1. Adding an S onto the ends of verbs, such as I loves you or I lives in Cairdiff.
  2. Adding 'now' and 'like' to the end of sentences, like.
  3. Raising the pitch at the end of every sentence?
  4. Rrrolling all of your rrr's, except of course those silent couch potato ones that don't do nothing.
  5. The more negatives you have, the better.
  6. Greeting everybody with Awright butt!
  7. Saying your d's like th's
  8. Enthing every sentence with isn't it? or right? and every question with is it?, innit?
  9. We love to contradict ourselves. All the time, every once in a green moon.
  10. Backwards the syntax is.

It is not known if these isms were made to confuse the English or if the Irish have somehow infiltrated the Welsh way of speaking. Probably both it is.