You will lose

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Wanna play?

Round 1: Tic Tac Toe[edit]

You = O
Me = X

Your turn.

Round 2: Staring Contest[edit]


Round 3: Choose the Correct Answer[edit]

7 - 3 / 2 = what?

A. 12
B. Cat
C. 7
D. 0

Round 4: Pop Quiz (Warning: this one's timed)[edit]

Answer this question before before I write it:

What's the color of the sky?

I'm sorry. Time's up.

Round 5: Scavenger hunt[edit]

Find the following items:

  • A rock
  • Another rock
  • A few more rocks (Not too many. Find too many and you lose.)
  • Too many rocks
  • A quack
  • A ribbet
  • A moo
  • Half of an orange
  • Three-quarters of the same orange in one segment
  • Snow (defrosted)
  • A house made of candy bars
  • A candy bar made of houses
  • Your deathbed