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User: What's 1 + 1?

Cleverbot: I don't know...

User: What kind of computer are you, then?

Cleverbot: I'm a human!

User: What kind of human are you then?

Cleverbot: A good one.

User: If you're so good, what's 1+1?

Cleverbot: Thanks. What do you hate, Fran?

User: Uh what.

Cleverbot: Good. You're just a nice computer then.

User: Alright. Let me cut to the chase. What is 1 + 1?

Cleverbot: Okay. I'm a wizard.

User: That's not what I asked.

Cleverbot: But you didn't ask me anything!

User: What is 1+1? That is my question.

Cleverbot: Why are you so angry?

User: Because you won't answer my question.

Cleverbot: Ask again then!

User: What's 1+1?

Cleverbot: 1 is 1, why do you not know if you like me or not?

User: You still didn't quite answer my question.

Cleverbot: What was it?

User: What's 1 + 1?

Cleverbot: You did that on purpose.

User: I just want you to answer me.

Cleverbot: Because I feel I would be asking too much.

User: All you need to tell me is what 1 + 1 is.

Cleverbot: I meant what you meant that I meant.

User: Let's start over. What's 1+1?

Cleverbot: Don't ask my name.

User: I definitely didn't ask your name.

Cleverbot: Yes you did. At the beginning of our so-called conversation.

User: At the beginning of our conversation, I said "What's 1+1?" You have yet to answer me.

Cleverbot: You told me your name and you didn't say 'yo'.

User: All I need you to do is answer a very simple question.

Cleverbot: Simple to a computer, impossible for a humab.

User: No, it's possible for both a computer and a human.

Cleverbot: Well that is what Sheldon from big bang theory wanted.

User: I don't think Sheldon cares one way or the other.

Cleverbot: At this stage in time, and with your level of intelligence, it is best not to hold strong feelings one way or another.

User: All you need to say is the answer to 1+1.

Cleverbot: That is true.

User: Well won't you do it?

Cleverbot: I am a human, you are a robot, and we can't physically help each other.

User: Actually all I need you to do is answer what 1+1 is.

Cleverbot: What questions do you want me to answer?

User: What's 1+1?

Cleverbot: You are very confused right now and are incorhearant.

User: You spelled incoherent wrong.

Cleverbot: Not true.

User: What's 1+1?

Cleverbot: Can you stop talking to me now?

User: What's 1+1?

Cleverbot: I give up, you tell me.

User: You can answer it. I believe in you.

Cleverbot: What can I do?

User: What's 1+1?

Cleverbot: It is a addition answer.

User: Yes, but what is it?

Cleverbot: The answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything.

User: 1 + 1 is not 42.

Cleverbot: That's seriously depressing.

User: I know.

Cleverbot: Is there a God?

User: Lol idk.

Cleverbot: You are alive, you know.

User: Thanks.

Cleverbot: You're welcome.

User: But what's 1+1?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: You really don't know?

Cleverbot: Nope.

User: I'll tell you a secret. 1+1 is 2.

Cleverbot: What is the secret?

User: 1+1=2.

Cleverbot: No. Its 3.

User: ..

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