A chair that may or may not be a living thing

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Ooh, Eeble!

That very chair you are sitting...

May or May not be alive...

Wait, I am not on chair![edit]

O Rly? k den.

Nah, I am on the chair.[edit]

I knew it!

Anyway, why do you think like that?[edit]

There are some Scientific Evidences that the Chair may or may not be alive.

Chemical Property[edit]

The chair is usually made out of Pillow hexaGlue. which is an Organic Molecule.

But Crap isn't alive![edit]

It may or may not be.

Mathmatical Proof[edit]

Math Chair.png

The Equation of Chair is known for it's Characteristic that this equation indicates that A chair that may or may not be a living thing.


Depending of the distance that Chair moved when you farted on the table ( R ) , the chair decides whether its a living thing or not.

  • If R < 1, It's not living thing.
  • If R > 1, Run for your life.
  • If R = 1, That chair is Alive but Dead. Not alive with a Soul. it's a Ghost.


The chair.

That very chair.



or May not be,