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A is holding n hostage!

Back off A! Leave n alone. What did n ever do to you? C'mon man! Seriously, let go. It's not worth it!


DON'T WORRY n! o has you! You're safe now, n!


OH CRAP! t! How could you!?! Of all letters, t. I can't believe this. You were working for A all along, weren't you? Why t? WHY!!?!


Okay, just put the gun down, t. Just put the gun down and back away from o...

t: "Ha! Fools! For too long you have underestimated my power. You have made a mockery of me! Cramming me next to h in words like "bath" or "then", making me appear silent at the end of french words like "ballet". For too long! I WILL BE SILENCED NO LONGER!! How do you like me now, huh? Why don't I take your little friend here out for a cup o' TEA huh? How 'bout a TREAT huh? some chocoLAT!?!? and when he's done, why don't I make him MORT, YEAH?!?"

"no thanks"

It's hanks to the rescue! Good job, hanks. You're getting locked up for a long time, t.

t: "NOOOOO!!! You haven't heard the last of me! Soon every word will begin with the letter t!! EVERY WORD!! I WILL RULE THEM ALL!!! TMUAHAHAHA!!!..."


n: "Wow! Thanks a lot, guys. You really got me out of that pickle."

No prob, n.

n: "Say, what are those fellas over there doing?"


eew... just ignore them.

AN END!??!

Yes. Let's just leave it on that note.