An original Asian chicken salad

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“Blarrrgh! We don't like ASIAN chicken salad!!!”

~ The BNP

“Don't expect to find any of that species of eye drop here, they're certainly not allowed in Morocco”

~ Unrelated Quote Guy on on Original Asian Chicken Salads

Tape worm treats[edit]

Even as a child 'orny Willis was a pervert. All he wanted was Asian salads. One day Orny found tape worm in his mothers colon. He ate it. Orny celebrated. The tapeworm however was not amused.

He buried himself in his mother's self in search of more worms. He was missing to the rest of the world. He was eventually pronounced dead. His mother didn't seem to notice, she was too preoccupied with the maggots slowly decomposing her body.
Three years later his mother died with Orny inside of her. She was stuffed in the casket and buried in the ground with a dead person. After emrging from his mother's insides he realized where he was. Then he was attacked by rats.

HE DIED.[edit]

Ornys soul went to the land of goobhendles where he was a chicken. He named it Yodle and then ate it in a salad. He then dropped it and it landed in Asia. THEN THE KEEBLER ELVES FOUND IT AND MADE SALAD WITH CRACKERS!