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“This makes me very angry”

~ Easily annoyed person

“Gaaargh! You won't like me when I'm Andy.”

~ Angry Flintoff

Angry was one of the seven AUTISTS! It's often thought that his deep-seeded anger is due to bullying over his short stature during his childhood, or the was Walt Disney BITCH used him to subtly stereotype the Jews in a film. Known for his spontaneous bursts of temper Angry was once ramming a couch through anyone's window who harboured the opinion that Francis E. Dec was insane!!!

Don't ask me how he did it or how he got the money for 6 billion couches, but by the time he was finally taken down there was more broken glass littering the streets than the memorable explosion of the glass condom factory back in '69. Several people were treated for boo-boos at hospital and DFS made a killing!!!! DFS were subsequentially arrested for murder!!! BLOOD!!

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