Angry bumblebee-eating potted plant

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The true story in horrendously graphic detail. Those of a nervous disposition are advised to look away... Oh, you already saw it? Ah well, time to call the therapist...

Mwahahaha! Now we've got the obligatory evil laugh out of the way, I'll tell you the story of the angry bumblebee-eating potted plant. It all began many years ago with a seed, which fell on the plant's head and made him very angry. Not long afterwords an innocent bumblebee buzzed along, but the plant was very angry indeed, and ate him whole. The plant found that the bumblebee was tasty, and vowed to eat another. But the next bumblebee took so long that the plant was even angrier when it ate the bee. That's it, end of story. NOW SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH AND GO TO SLEEP YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT!!!