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You may be looking for the official party headquarters.

“You too can be actively apathetic!”

Apathy In Action is an apathist-activist organization that is firmly committed to not bothering about taking action to eradicate all forms of activism, including its own, through actively not pursuing litigation, demonstrations, pamphlets, campaigns, causes, crusades, revolutions, reforms, meetings, organizations, "awareness" or anything of the sort. Apathy in Action is an anarchistic, not-for-profit, not-for-prophet-either, grassroots membership organization. Apathy In Action consists primarily of and is directed by people who are actively apathetic.

As stated by them one time, the organizaiton aims to "fight to eliminate having to bother about fighting to eliminate activism in society."

AIA believes in the motto, "We Don't Care Enough to Have a Motto." There is no Latin translation for this phrase because no one cares enough to translate it.

The organization meets very erratically and it could be argued that AIA meetings only occur when the members calling the meeting have lost sight of the fundamental purpose of the organization. Most members would admit that if AIA were to stay true to it's own principles, no AIA meetings would ever occur. There was a newsletter once.

Apathy in Action, along with the Status Quo Supporters, are sponsors of, The Campaign For Just Leaving Things Exactly The Way They Freaking Are, a coalition of apathists, status-quoers and business-as-usualists that encourage stores, restaurants and other places to just stay the hell out of the political process entirely. There are also youth-targeted programs that encourage teenagers not to vote cause voting is stupid. Hash tag RockAgainstTheVote.

History[edit | edit source]

According to Some Guy, the organization was originally called, "We Don't Care". He, along with the organization's other founders, were just sitting around one day bitching about how much they hate politics and politicians and the idea of an alternative to political parties appealed to them just for a minute in that one conversation ... and that's about the whole history of the organization right there cause it never really went anywhere.

That was a long time ago, and this article didn't get written until now because I was too apathetic to work on it. In fact, I can't even figure out why I'm writing about it now.

APATHY IN ACTION: "Just Don't Get Involved."

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