Attack of the Small Children

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It was crazy. It was insanely crazy. It was incredibly insanely crazy. Crazy. Insanity. Incredibly insanely crazy. They came from out of nowhere. Possibly outer space. They were really fast. Insanely fast. Like Speed Racer.

They were small. I mean, real small. Like midgets. They were screaming. Screaming like banshees. BANSHEES! It was really incredibly insanely crazy. It was like WalMart after midnight.

They had plastic swords. Plastic ninja swords. Flaming plastic ninja swords. And they were scary. SCARY! They beat me up. They tackled me. One of them put me in a chokehold. Several of the devilish rascals threw oranges gummy bears at me. I hate orange gummy bears. This made me sad. SAD!

They were..............

SMALL CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
POSSIBLY FROM OUTER SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They left me in a ditch.

The ditch was muddy. MUDDY!!!!

The mud stained my close. Mommy was angry. ANGRY!!!