Axis Powers Hetalia

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Axis Powers Hetalia is all out racism. That's what it is desu.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Prussia - Wears random upper-class clothes, drinks wine, and is constantly subject to sexual harassment.
  • England - Wears a tweed coat, smokes a pipe, drinks tea.
  • America - Wears a baseball cap, smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, drinks whiskey and Coca-Cola (often combined).
  • Canada - Wears a fur coat and a tuque, doesn't smoke, drinks beer with a nip of maple syrup, eats donuts and moose meat.
  • Mexico - Wears a sombrero, drinks tequila, eats tacos.
  • Ireland - Wears a big suit jacket, drinks 2 litres of beer daily, eats soda bread and smoked salmon.
  • Russia - Wears a coat, believes in Communism, boring really, drinks vodka.
  • France - Wears a beret, eats cheese and baguette, drinks red wine.
  • China - Wears everything, makes everything, does everything.
  • Japan - Wears air-conditioned jackets, eats sushi, drinks sake.
  • Panda - Wears nothing, eats, shoots and leaves.

N.B. One of these is not true.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

People thought that the controversial sonk was going too far, so that the Axis Powers were brought to tears by the centrifugal force. Sonk. Fnurdle. Snarf.

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