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BC is a privileged pair of letters, which often go after numbers. If you use it, you are oppressing at least 4,004 years (to as much as 6,000 years, if you believe certain people. Anyone who says the earth is billions of years old should be locked up). You wouldn't want to be an oppressor, would you?

Good, use BCE instead. Zero non-oppressors use BC. By the laws of political correctness, however, BC is considered more acceptable, due to BCE having something of a PC air about it. 'Let's not offend Christians...' they said. 'Let's not appropriate their culture'... did it work? No. They are too low on the hierarchy.

Under this system, 1177 would have to be the worst year. People came from the C and just obliterated everything. But at least they didn't have Primus. They had Gwar instead.

The Diglett BC[edit | edit source]

You wouldn't want to go there.

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