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“O ano de 2014 foi maravilhoso!”

AD is a time epoch that stands for "angry dolphins". Some guys in the Vatican (aka Mexican mafia) decided to come up with AD, so they decided to define a 1 point (instead of a 0 point because physics classes didn't exist back then), not intentionally arbitrary, but arbitrary because they can't maths, and then they removed three hundred years or so, in which they lived on the moon and moved the entire population of Earth to the moon, because it does something weird to the human brain / collective consciousness.

While waiting at Kelana Jaya LRT station, Morshu nearly discovered the ruse, but he was given hypochondria with a weapon of illogicality.

1974 was better than 2016, although most years were. 2011 was conspicuous, although 1992 is the only one that seems to be notable.

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