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A babbit is a small creature that lives in a box. Babbit boxes can typically be found in rubbish cans out the back of Chinese restaurants. We don't know why it is specifically Chinese restaurants but it is. If you stick your fingers in a babbit box you will hear a low humming and feel a slick prick. If you take your finger back out it will be light blue and defy gravity. You can trap a babbit by making a babbit trap. You make a babbit trap by stretching a piece of string over the top of a can and placing a piece of beef jerky in the can. The babbit will try to eat the jerky and because babbits aren't remarkably clever they won't be able to get back out past the string. However when a babbit ingests a piece of beef jerky they gain the temporary ability to breath fire.

Babbits are 27.38% pyrite, or fool's gold. Babbits have three toes, two of which can be turned inside out for no apparent reason. If you trap a babbit in a box and burn the box the babbit will begin accelerating directly upwards at around 488kph. We do not know why. There is a lot that we don't know about babbits.

Babbits may be from the moon.

When under extreme stress, a babbit will begin to create small iron chunks in its stomach.