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Band names always make perfect sense. Ever since the invention of Psychodelic Rock, the most rationally coherent form of music ever, all incomprehensible band names have been outlawed by the Rock and Roll Police. Yes.

The Coolest Band Name Ever[edit | edit source]

Possibly "We Are From Mars."

How to Make Up a Band Name[edit | edit source]

  1. Pick a word at random.
  2. Then, pick another word at random.
  3. Put the two words together in both of the possible orders, and flip a coin to decide which order to use.
  4. Check whether these words mean anything. If so, start over and try again from step 1.
  5. If your band name does not already begin with the word "the" (which is possible but unlikely - remember you would have to choose it totally at random) then flip a coin to decide whether the word "The" should go in front of the other words you've chosen.
  6. If your band name begins with the word "The" then check whether the band name you've come up with so far makes people go, "The Who?" If not, start over and try again from step 1.
  7. Your new band name is guaranteed to suck, just like your music, and also to get you on the cover of all the ladies blogs.