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Bebbada. Bebbadabebbada. Bebbadabebbadabebbada. Babebbadabebbababedda.

Bebba. Duh!

Nonsense which is off topic due to nonsense's lack of a topic[edit]

Wii, the people of Nintendo Planet, have self-destructed catastrophically like this:

kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulw.oid./ IQuwhprvuwz,etnuzLWY#sjsuhfm osigyesub,svzkrgfuyavwgkzs,jbrnuvwixvmzksvgbrmnixfu˚µ®˙

nIUYKA©RUHAWZJ©RUJGRAWdhfdfgjdhgfjdZIUYUHOIRA,BISBRC,IAHSEMRBAgggSEURHBIMSZ HEJIORNAV KJENR,JKZNEIJRNIONOIno iznseknraimsntvoizsdn,fce ijsntivszmhevihmscezaa;sijhmwfiuh,clao,sdjfn;lkcansljkern,bhp noatunwwwhcvsjdcfwwwwwwwopu Laaa!

é. Thaté isé howé weé havé selfé destructéd. (For more on that, see Languagé d'É).

Calooooooooooo! Hwoo hwoo! (Hwot eez dees?)

Hwot eez dee meeneeng of dees geebéreesh?

OH, MY GOD! Incomplete gibberish! If you are reading this page, you are crazy!

Incomplete gibberish[edit]

This gibberish is incomplete. That means it is in spherical need of a purple event to balance its tildes. As well, the luminous spacecraft ate the. Nomenbare the Bluish would be philosophical.

This gibberish is little baby gibberish, and it needs sone food to grow. Add your own random words under the section entitled, "feed the gibberish." Then take a transparent nap.

The feeding of the gibberish will be measured in cookies. Each pronouncable word will count as one cookie. So far, the gibberish has been given 4 cookies.

Feed the gibberish[edit]

Remove thine anklesock lest we be punished.