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  To be confudidilly-uddled mit Stalking Cookies  
  To be red blue-linked vith Talking cookies  

Cookies are circular-shaped thingys that you eat with 'gusto' (whatever that is, but I bet it tastes good). They normally consist of flowers, lemons, and tea leaves.

History of cookies[edit | edit source]

Cookies were invented sometime, somewhere, somehow.

...What, were you actually looking for a history of cookies? You fool(s)!

There are three flavours of cookie: red, blue and green.

They come in three colours as well: up, down and strange.

Milk[edit | edit source]

Chocolate, to be precise.

Everyone loves lemon flavored gummi bears!

...what? No, I don't mean flavoured. What do you think I am, British?

...I only have a British accent because of movies, okay?

No, I am not of European descent! I'm Chinese!

I met her aged 8. We swam, ate, felicitated together; sometimes her hair would be curly, sometimes it would not. Cookies changed that.

me too me too me too me too me too me too me too me too

Cookies and their affiliation with milk[edit | edit source]

Upon discovering cookies, creepy stuffed things will direct you to the nearest bakery. The aforementioned milk is often to be consumed with cookies as a depressant and, as a result, one must avoid caffeine at all costs to avoid twitching, headbutting people outta the way, and accidentally wearing your onesie inside-out.

Cookie Sanban[edit | edit source]

Rainbow monkeys! Uh... oopsy...

Nerd Cookies[edit | edit source]

the thing every website wants you to have so they can stalk you or something idfk im not qualified to talk about it