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This article definitely means something, but only the aliens know what.

Dont make a u turn at seventy miles per hour while the light is red.png

“Is this how freedom dies? With thunderous applause?”

~ Sen. Sasse

Sen. Ben Sasse is a stopped clock phenomena from the glorious state of Nebraska. He was elected queen of Nebraska at the age of 14, but then got deposed a few years later, but didn't get killed and then they elected him to the senate. Also, he is not a horse.

Except this all happened in the Beak Lion Dimension. Fnord. Beep boop. Green ideas haven't been a wise choice for sleeping pills yet although sometimes frogs are in water and HEPA filters don't blow up in the most exciting way when you. Nebraska cornplasters. I was going to go somewhere with that last sentence but I lost my train of thought and now I also have to dust furniture so I will most likely come back later and write more random words that come to my mind.

Ok, I have finished dusting all the furniture, and now I have come back to writing, but I have not yet thought of any random nonsense to add yet. When I first thought of this article title, I had a vague idea about making up some jokes about Sen. Sasse being in the Deep State and being from the same state as Concordia University (if you read the title of the article that that link pipes to, SIKE! It may not happen until March 20) but I couldn't really think of any good concrete ones and besides, if I did that then everyone reading would think I believed in Q and I don't believe in Q. Although for the Q joke, I just had the idea that I could say that Sen. Sasse gives Trump sasse (pronounced sass-AY) but that is actually pretty stupid so I won't say it, except I just did and also this is kind of logical now so maybe I better just think of some random words.

Jelly! Peanut butter!

Oh no, those things go together. Better try again.


But sandwiches commonly have peanut butter and/or jelly on them, which were the two things I said right before sandwiches, so it seems that I am having trouble coming up with completely random objects, which have no connection to other things that have just been mentioned, which would make the content that it is in have little logic and it looks like I will never write an article with as much illogic as I’m floating on the banister, there’s spiders on the ceiling and there’s cymbals in the tellyvision, which I haven't even read fully became my attention span has become that of a goldfish but I am sure it is very high quality illogic because I've read enough of it to have a good sense of the writing style and my writing is kind of pointless at the moment so I will end the article now.