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Dude, are you sure about this?”

~ Some Guy on fis first bestial experience


~ Sheel on his friend's reply

Bestiality is the beast thing ever! Or is it beastiality is the best thing ever? Or maybe they both suck? Dogs? Double entendre? Whatever.

Bestiality isn't what you think it is. That's Beastiality, and it's wrong. For that kind of beastiality see NEABLA. Bestiality is actually the action of two Shi Tzu dogs conducting a section of french horns from the London Symphony Orchestra eyries while simultaneously juggling umbrellas. This was determined by Reuters to be "THE best thing ever!", so in turn, the act of carrying such a thing out would be Bestiality.

Bestiality was temporarily bested by a better best, the Best Breasted Breast Beast, which was sadly sent abreast to Breastonia after only a month of being declared as "THE breast thing ever!" Or is it the best thing ever? Or maybe it was never really cool? As a cucumber? Idiom? It was then permantently beasted by a bigger beast, The Big Breeeding Bread Beast and ended up on Fourchan. Oh well.