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Bigly is when your thing your talking about is huge. I mean, it's tremendous, it's... so... huge. If it gets bigly enough, you get sick of winning. You get all like, oh my God, I have to marry a super model! It's fantastic!

I mean, tremendous, tremendous people working for me now... they do everything bigly, and my daughter will tell them, do it rightly. Do it bigly, of course, but do the right thing to make it bigly. Don't do it the wrong way because that never works. Do it right, and do it bigly

And we always win. Did I tell you, I get tired of winning sometimes? I mean, sometimes I have to lay down and take a nap, I'm so tired. Only sometimes, though. Only sometimes.

Did I tell you that it's important to do it right when you reach for greatness? Because nobody ever reached for it the wrong way and got it. Oh no. That can't happen, because the people will tell you.... the people tell me... I walk down the street sometimes, and people tell me, it's so great that America is great again... we're on top and nobody can say we're not.

And why? Because when we do the things that make our country great, we do them bigly.

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