Blatant mis-appropriation

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Jump to navigation Jump to search a theory. (I didn't type in the title of it because I'm totally unique and I'm glad that the MicroSD card on my table is letting me be myself) It's based on the fact that I say stuff, but mean something else on purpose. Like a lie, but with more cherry soda. Hey, you like cherry soda too? Let's be best friends!

It was found under my couch, making love to the letter 5, but then I took it out for a meal at Lé Grandé Squefequayfauasqasdas, a 5.622-star restaraunt at the heart of... my heart.


My friend lives in a town called Cumming. In the town center, there's a store called BJ's, a Dick's sporting store and every year they have the annual Cumming Festival.

Gawd luff teh world.