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“What I have loved, whether I have kept it or not, I shall love forever. Except if I hate it. In which case I shall stab continuously until at least one of us bleed.”

Love is a mutual feeling of coersion, respect, strong attraction and hand down one's trousers. A big supporter of love, wang will always spread the love; often thrusting its views upon people.

Love is an also an uber-celebrity which has its own national bankholiday holiday named after the guy it slew on the fourteenth of february sometime ago. He had it coming.

Taming love and its entourage of rape and chat-down lines will provide the lucky bronco with all he needs for life. Only few achieve this goal though. It is believed a cheatative method to bring love under one's wang control is to eat only garlic. That will stop absolutely anyone sharing the same air space as you until the Hallowed eve of my birthday. Wait, wut?

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