Bob, the One-Eyed Guy

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Bob was a man, a man; a great man. He never knew he was different, growing up alone in an alleyway, eating sewer rats for breakfast. When he was three he escaped the alleyway by walking three feet. When people saw him they ran. He was a cyclops. He was a cyclops that grew up in an alleyway. Eventually news of his existence became public and people started to accept him. He was admitted to kindergarten at five and was very smart and got A's through school.



Bob was a professional. No one knows at what but he was professional at what ever he did.

The Incident[edit]

One day he got shot in his eye. For the average person getting shot in one eye wouldn't matter but Bob only had one eye so he was forever blinded. The person was never caught and quite frankly no one cares. He is now a blind guy.

The Blind Guy[edit]

He now never leaves his home because he scares seeing eye dogs away. He is twenty-four years old and listens to music all day. He will probably stay blind but there is hope. Donate to Bob's cause at Donate and make a difference.

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