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Brainstorms are divided into two types: internal and external. Both types are caused by Brain Clouds.

External brainstorms[edit]

An external brainstorm is when someone's brain is affecting the weather. Some people have Super Brains that are so smart that they can telekenetically affect weather patterns just by thinking! Unfortunately, none of these people are meteorologists, which explains why weather forecasts tend to be so inaccurate.

If you see a gigantic brain floating in the sky and using lightning bolts to blast stuff, you are seeing an external brainstorm. Run away!

Internal brainstorms[edit]

Internal brainstorms are miniature thunderstorms occurring in someone's brain. These are usually lethal, since brains don't like getting water and electricity shot through them a lot. They tend to make people die of death.


Brianstorms are internal brainstorms that occur inside Brian.


Thinking is a dangerous habit. Remember kids, don't think!