Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cheats

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This guide is native to the PS3. For you Xbots who haven't held a Playstation control before, here is a translation of the buttons:

X = A
Square = X
Triangle = Y
O = B
R1 = RB
R2 = RT
L1 = LB
L2 = LT
Self destruct = Eat pie
Razor blade = Ouch my fecking hand, why is there a blade sticking out of a game controller, that damn hurts thank you very much. Wanker.
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Infinite Ammo[edit | edit source]

This will only never work with online mode.

First of all, throw knives at a wall 450 times. Now turn off your controller. Wait to get killed 10 times (announce your absence by mic or text chat). When you have been killed 10 times turn on a Rock Band/Guitar hero (for cheapskates) drum controller, and hit the pedal 200 times. Pause the game and mute every player on your team. After that, Commit 25 teamkills and arm your pistol. You will now have unlimited ammo unless somebody throws a grenade. In the event of someone throwing a Grenade throw your PS3 will YLOD (or for Xboxers, RROD). Send a letter/email to Infinity Ward claiming 'ThEy br1cked mY Cons0le' and Activision will send you a Special demo copy of CoD7 which malfunctions and breaks your network account after being played once.

Unlock all Trophies/Achievments[edit | edit source]

You will need to be on Hardened mode. Work your way through the game, skip the terrorist level and Press R2 1423,000 times. Now delete every other game save on your system and buy CoD: WaW. You will unlock all trophies. You will also be banned within 2 weeks, and charged £700 on your credit card.

Instant Rank 42[edit | edit source]

Work your up to rank 44 exclusively on the Afghan map. Now enter a match 23 games and leave yourself paused for the length of every game. Within the next fortnight or so you will receive a message from the servers claiming that you are so noobish and tedious you have been denoted to Rank 42. It will also instruct you to enter a promotional code which will brick your console and render your system useless.

Get rich quick cheat[edit | edit source]

This cheat has been proven to have a degree of truth and is under review by the authorities

For peace of mind this cheat is wrote in '4chan meme' dialect

  1. Steal game off completely able bodied and if possible, completely ripped person (rape spaz?)
  2. Trade in for ca$h
  3. ???????
  4. Profit!

For peace of mind this cheat is no longer written in '4chan meme' dialect

Repeat until you become a millionaire or run out of disabled people, whichever comes sooner.