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“Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God, to religious or holy persons or things, or toward something considered sacred or inviolable”

In these times of rampant political correctness, that is the definition one would expect to find at hardline, right wing Wikipedia. We know better. Blasphemy is a contact sport, where players on one team say something taken as unholy to the lord praisers team, and they retaliate with any means up to and including physical violence. The sport had a golden age during the years of the Spanish Inquisition, when rules were changed to accommodate Jewish and Muslim populations on the Iberian peninsula. These new participants were granted waivers so that they didn't even have to say or do anything blasphemous. Simply being one or the other merited torture at least, especially those unwilling to convert to Christianity, or at least leave the country.


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