Cloud of Gloom

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There is a cloud of gloom following me around. I think it's out to get me.

It even tries to follow me into the bathroom but I try to lock it out.

Its an evil nasty cloud of gloom. Will it never leave?

It follows me into the kitchen when I'm trying to make a sandwich.

Maybe it wants a sandwich too.

No? Then maybe I'll have two sandwiches.

Maybe it wants a chocolate bar.

No? Then maybe I'll eat the chocolate bar.

Uh oh, I don't think it liked me eating the chocolate in front of it.

Maybe if I go outside it will go away.

Maybe I can walk faster than my cloud of gloom.

Ack, its keeping up with me with ease!

There's just one thing to do: RUN! RUN FASTER!

Darn, now I'm exhausted and I still have a cloud of gloom around me.

I wish I could sell this thing.

I'm going to bed now; hopefully it will be gone in the morning.