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Illogicopedia is a prime example of continuity in which all articles make perfect sense next to one another. Yes they do! This continuity contains everything which has been established as IllogiCannon by the IllogiCouncil. Oh yes, yes it does! But it most definitely does not include such apocryphal works as the Illogicopedia Expanded Universe and technical information published in various books which were never shown on screen. Oh no! We don't stand by the books, no we don't!

If for example we wish to make an episode of IllogiTrek or comic book of IllogiMan, we must first go and read every single article on all of Illogicopedia and make very carefully sure that subsequent instances of IllogiMedia (TM) does not in any way conflect by even the slightest most detailedest most nerdiest degree from any other instance be it on screen on print on line or on your mother. This is very tedious work so I suggest you build yourself a Continuity Robot to make this work! Yes, a Continuity Robot helps your article stay consistent with all the others automatically. A very smart invention indeed, if I do say so myself, which I do!

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