Creatures with Ankles

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There's a baby porcupine inside each of my lungs. Two baby porcupines!

They make me cough. Because they're scratchy and prickly on the inner lung linings.

Every time I cough, a few quills are propelled from my mouth. The quills stick in to a wall.

Someday the porcupines will have no quills. I will have coughed all their quills up. Then they'll roll around.

Naked porcupines need fresh, cool air. It's why I do laundry.

Porcupines have ankles.

I'm gonna climb the wall using quills to hold.

They're gonna climb the walls of my lungs and come out my nose.

They have ankles.

Other Creatures with Ankles[edit | edit source]

The Hippopotamus - more famously known as the Ipperpottymuss, also has ankles.

Whether we have ankles is under debate.