Daily Tortilla Intake

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This article was created by someone who eats them on a daily basis who is not Mexican, but is Salvadoran. Expect some bias.

The average Californian/Arizonian/Nevadan/New Mexican/Texan-Latino-American's Daily Tortilla Intake is impossible to keep track of. Why?

Tortillas are more essential to life than human breast milk, so in continuous efforts to maintain mental stability, one who is from Central America and/or Mexico must consume as many tortillas as fathomably possible, meaning that tortillas must be eaten alongside every meal of the day (desayuno, almuerzo, y cena) for every day of their lives.

Despite the staggering numbers, researchers have been able to give a rough estimate as to how many tortillas the average Hispanic individual consumes on a daily basis.

  1. For breakfast (desayuno), approximately 3 x 10^5 tortillas are consumed.
  2. For lunch (almuerzo), approximately 6 x 10^236 are consumed.
  3. For dinner (cena), the number is incalculable due to the insane portion sizes of Latino dinners prepared by millions of abuelitas (grandmothers) across he world.

Nonetheless, scientists say that the official DTI is fnurdletoot x sjink^digeridoo.