Dimension 18

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Dimension 18 is where pretentious douche bags go for vacation. It is inhabited by imaginary numbers, all polarized towards a particular bias (bias as in fabric). No gather your altimeters, kiddies, and prepare to benefit from the wisdom from down the ages, and such.

“Haec trutina errat.”

~ the author on debating whether this bag is truly half an ounce


Evading responsibility can become a full time occupation. Pushing the same boulder up the hill, day after day, can lose a Super bowl. Using the cave metaphor, it's a shadowy mockery of reality that tempts us into fixed ignorance.

And thus it was spaketh that the lord cameth and they all danced and had a good time. Though they did not expect what would happen next. On the other side of the world was a small thing and of course that also did not expect. Written was the number 18 but was it true? Nobody knew so they sold the goat for 18.

Though it is said that also 18 penguins entered the dimension scientists insist that this in fact is not true and that it was 18 KANGAROOS. There has been much debate wether the president is involved or not.

  1. There is something wrong with this scale.